Privacy Policy

Last Modified 1st May 2017

The following Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to all our apps, services, features, software and websites unless stated otherwise. Please see the Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) for details under which you agree to use these services (“Services”). The use of the terms, “Official Guestbook”, “we”, “us”, “our” relate to the Official Guestbook application and its parent company Truly Here FZCO.

Information Collected

Information is collected when you install the app, access it or generally use the Services

Information provided by you

Account information: You provide us with information when creating your account with details that include email address, full name, username, profile picture etc. You may provide customer support with additional contact details such as phone numbers for contact purposes and such details will be associated with your account.

Creating Guestbooks: When creating private Guestbooks you supply additional information such as title, short description and actual or desired location, cover image, active dates etc. We store these Guestbooks’ details and entries on our servers for retrieval in the general use of the application.

Watchlist: You may choose to add other users to your Watchlist to see which other places they have visited. You will only be able to see their actual entry inside the Guestbook once you have been to the same place and unlocked that Guestbook too. We do not show you private Guestbooks that other users have been to, unless you have unlocked that guestbook too. You can disable the ability of others adding you to their Watchlist so that they can’t see which commercial sites you have been to from within settings. Information you provide in Guestbook entries is however always viewable by the host of that book. Your Watchlist is associated with your account and is used to provide relevant information on those people’s visits to you from within the app.

Unlocking Guestbooks: You may keep Guestbook entries private between just you and the host in any Guestbook you unlock by selecting the privacy icon in the popup which appears when you scan a Guestbook’s code.

Automatically Collected Information

Usage and log information: We collect service information about how you use the app, including logs for diagnostics, performance, crashes, bugs as well as website reports and performance analytics.

Device and Connectivity: We collect information specific to your device when you install, access or use the Services. This can include the model of the device the software version installed on it, browser information, IP address, network information and device identifiers. We use identifiers for tailoring your experience within the app, for example when welcoming you back to a guestbook which you have unlocked in the past. If you allow location detection we collect that information too and use it to suggest nearby Guestbook locations of interest to you. We also log what connectivity you have enabled in order to allow for offline entries to be stored and synced with the server later.

Cookies: We use cookies with our website and for web related parts of the mobile applications, for example analysing which sections of the support pages are most frequently accessed. We use this information to improve the Services and understand which sections are most important to users. We may store your selected preferences for parts of the Services using cookies so that we can deliver the content as desired most efficiently.

Third Party Providers

We use services from third parties to help in our operation, improvement, marketing, assessment and understanding of our own Services. For example hosting, distribution, mapping, delivery, and log collection. These providers may collect information from you e.g. feedback within app stores when identifying when errors occurred and how best to fix them. We may collaborate with third party payment providers or links to other services. Those third parties’ own terms and privacy policies will apply when using them.

Use of your information

We use your data to improve, research, enhance, modify, analyse, test, develop, market and understand how our Services are being used and how to make them more efficient and relevant to users.

Safety & Security: We use Guestbook and user information, feedback, reporting and activity logs to make sure the Services are being used as intended and in a legal manner.

Communications: We will communicate with you regarding the Services and important updates to them and their related terms and policies. We may also communicate with you for marketing purposes.

Third Party Providers: Third party providers help us to operate, deliver, improve, market, develop and analyse the Services. Third party providers are required to use you information in accordance with our instructions and terms when it is shared or with you own express permission.

Third Party Services: We have third party services integrated within our app and they may receive information about you for example if you use the application through an external app login or use our app in conjunction with a mobile carrier or network provider’s promotion of our Services.

Assignment: The rights and obligations of our Privacy Policy are freely assignable to any affiliate in the event of sale, merger, acquisition, restructuring or legal operation and we may assign your information to any new owner, successors of affiliates.

Information Management

Settings: There are various ways in which you can limit what information is shared within the app Services including blocking the ability of others to add you to their Watchlist in settings and making entries private between you and the host.

Changing Profile Details: You can change your full name, email address and password by tapping the profile image in the main menu at any time. If you have used Facebook to log in then email and password remain fixed, if using Twitter the password is not editable

Account Deletion: You can delete your account at any time via Settings with an email confirmation to proceed. If you only delete the app from your device, your account will remain on the server for a longer period. Please note if you delete your account all of your hosted Guestbooks will be removed and cannot be retrieved.

Updates to this Policy

We may update or change this Privacy Policy giving appropriate notification and change the “Last Modified” date at the base of this policy to indicate this. Continued use of the Services confirms your acceptance of the modifications of the Privacy Policy. You should review this policy from time to time and you must stop using the Services if you do not agree with it.

Last Modified: 1st May 2017