Frequently Asked Questions

The scanner is used to unlock each Official Guestbook but can also be used to read any standard QR code. Guestbook QR codes are uniquely identifiable in that they have 4 circular markers at their corners. To unlock an Official Guestbook, simply hold the shield window of the scanner's viewfinder over the QR code area of the image until a beep sounds, a welcome message to the Guestbook then appears. You do not require any data connectivity to use this feature nor to add an entry to a Guestbook.

To add an entry to a public or private guestbook you need to scan the QR code for that guestbook, these are found displayed as physical signs or on digital screens at the location or event. First select 'Open Scanner' from menu on the home screen, position the shield shape window of the viewfinder over the QR code for the Official Guestbook and allow it to focus. The scanner will issue a beep once it has read the code and an entry pop-up will appear. Here you can type your entry, add photos from your gallery or use the in-app camera to take a new photo. You may add up to 3 photos per entry but can leave just a comment if you prefer. If you want your entry to only be seen by the host and not other visitors, select the finger on lips privacy icon.

You can edit your entry and replace the photos for up to 24hrs after submitting it (select the three vertical dots in the bottom left your entry) and will always have the option to delete it - either by using the same dots menu or by swiping left (long press iOS) on your entry tile in any guestbook. If you host the guestbook you can also hide entries with the same swipe-left or press action on the entry tile, these entires will then no longer be viewable to others accessing that guestbook.

The padlocks indicate whether you have unlocked a particular Offcial Guestbook yet or not. If you are yet to visit a place it will show a red padlock but if you have added an entry to the Guestbook previously it will be green. Even if a red padlock is shown, you can click on the info icon in the top right of the cover image for more details about it, as well as see it on a map. You can also ask questions by selecting the green Questions button.

You will also notice smaller red or green padlocks next to answers given to questions too, these indicate if the person responding has truly been there before or not. If you wish to delete your question or answer slide it to the left (or long press on iOS) and select the exposed trash can icon.

You can search for other users via the home page search field and then tap the right hand eye icon next to the resulting name to add that person to your Watchlist. You can also tap on the purple "Watch Me" eye icon, seen next to a user's details below their entry in a Guestbook. To edit people on your Watchlist and see those who watch you, select Watchlist from the menu on the Home screen.

Once a person is added to your Watchlist you will see their entry within a purple border, filtered to the top of unlocked Guestbooks which you have both been to. You will also be able to see if and when they signed a Guestbook you are yet to visit. You can choose to be notified of visits to public Guestbooks by people on your Watchlist, by going to Main Menu>Settings>Notifications.

You may disable others watching your public visits under Main Menu>Settings>App Settings. Private Guestbook visits are never watchable unless the other person has also unlocked that same Guestbook previously.

Absolutely! Making private Guestbooks for your own home, events or occasions is simple and fun to do. Go to Main Menu>My Guestbooks and select the Create New Guestbook button at the base of the screen. When adding a short description for a guestbook designed for a specific event, we suggest you put in details such as the date and start time, you can always edit this later if required. After selecting the location for the Guestbook you can design your QR code placement over the cover image by moving and resizing the template with your fingers. Once happy with the template's position, press the forward arrow in the top right banner to create the result, it takes a little time to upload, process and download the image so please be patient.

The QR code's transparency can vary depending on the contrast to the background image, so you may wish to go back one step and try with it in a new position, to see if you can improve the result. Pressing the finish button will then email you with your unique Guestbook cover image with unlockable QR code that your guests can interact with. Either print it out and place it where you guests can scan it or have it shown on a screen, such as a tablet or TV.

Locked Private Guestbooks are not searchable in the app to protect privacy. Only public Guestbooks can be searched for prior to unlocking them. If you wish to set up a guestbook for a public venue then we need to verify that your guestbook meets the requirements for public exposure, please email for further details.

You can invite people to your Guestbooks inside or outside of the app. You can do this at the end of the creation process or later by going Main Menu>My Guestbooks>Cog Icon>Share Guestbook.

Inviting Friends within the app (where you are on each others' Watchlist) sends a notification to the other user which leads them to your Guestbook's locked front page, there they can view the short description of it and see its location on a map.

Sending invites to users outside of the app via messaging services or email presents the cover photo and pre-filled yet editable text prior to sending.

Of course! We know you don't want wifi sign-in hassles or expensive roaming data charges or to be tracked in real time, so we let you unlock Guestbooks on site and add your entries there and then when offline. We later inform you by notification when it has been successfully uploaded once you are back in your usual connectivity, be it your hotel wifi or home. Simple.

The green eye indicates whether another user had added you to their Watchlist. If someone is Watching you they can see the date you signed public guestbooks on locked cover pages of public books and will have your entry filtered to the top of their results once they have visited the same venue. They cannot see any private guestbooks you have visited unless both of you have unlocked the same private guestbook. If you both watch each other then internal invitations can be sent to that person for Guestbooks that you host from within the app.

The purple eye icon can be tapped on to add a user to your Watchlist. You can access your Watchlist from main menu on the homepage. If someone you watch has visited a public Guestbook that you are yet to visit, if you search for that place you will see the date on which they signed it displayed under the locked cover image. Once you scan and unlock that book, you will see their entry filtered to the top and highlighted by a purple border. You you can also receive notifications of their visits tp public Guestbooks via Settings> Notifications

If you find a spam or offensive post, be it a question, answer or guestbook entry you can report it for admin to investigate. For a question or answer, slide the comment to the left (or long press on iOS) and you will see a red flag icon exposed, tap that and follow the instructions. For a guestbook entry select the 3 vertical dots at the bottom left of the photo and select report and follow the instructions.