Business Benefits

Official Guestbook offers custom scannable guestbooks for your places and events.
Hosts build a valuable record of visitor entries to refer back on over time, alongside unparalleled opportunities to entice new footfall and re-engage prior visitors.

Latest Technologies

Visitors scan attractive parametric QR codes on site to sign your guestbook. These can be place or event specific and time locked as required. You have complete control of what shows in your books while every visitor keeps a record of their own visit stream safely in the cloud. Your visitors don't even need a data connection as we made it work offline!

Simplified Visitor Acquisition

By partnering with Official Guestbook you gain important exposure to target demographics based on their proven interests and spend patterns from other visits. No need to wonder why likes on social media aren't resulting in increased footfall. By targetting spend towards those that do rather than 'like', Official Guestbook efficiently improves your business' footfall cost effectively.

Exclusive Enticement

Users are alerted when people of interest to them unlock your book, are then directed to your page and can discover your venue and ask questions of prior visitors. However, they can only see the actual entries if they unlock it too. This leads to a domino effect of visitors leaving entries for posterity, alerting those that follow them, while being rewarded with unlocked content by those of interest to them.


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Promotion by Visitors

Utilise the domino effect of guestbook entry notifications to bring visitors' followers to your guestbook cover page. Here you can build brand awareness and display information.

Trustworthy Q&A

Reassure potential visitors with open Q&A that identifies who answering has truly been before. It does away with fake visitor issues and builds trust on all sides.

Get Real

Bring visitors online by scanning real world plaques displayed on site. Guestbook entries can even be made offline re-engaging visitors when back in connectivity.

Full Visibility

Gather a unique history of visitors' entries; see which commercial sites they have been to before and go on to visit after and engage with them again in future.

Expand Your Reach

Have your guestbooks promoted in the app to relevant audiences by interests and location, offer upcoming events and determine typical spend patterns.

Let's Play

Want more exposure for certain events or venues, then why not have footfall transferred towards them with custom gamification options and government endorsements?

Industry Sectors Exploiting the Power of Official Guestbook

Take advantage of the unique benefits that Official Guestbook can bring to your business and clients.

Travel & Tourism

Get noticed on the tourist trail with optional gamification tie ups for places and activities.

Museums, Monuments & Landmarks, Cruise Ships, Parks & Natural Wonders, Zoos, Public Aquariums, Sightseeing Tours etc.

Entertainment & Events

Target users with proven matching interests and spend patterns prior to the event.

Sports Events, Concerts & Festivals, Corporate Events, Cultural and Art Exhibitions, Amusement Parks etc.


Customisable resort and what's-on guides and tie ins with local tourism authorities.

Hotels, Resorts, B&Bs, Conferences & Conventions, Hotel Weddings, Cruise Ships, Serviced Apartments etc.

Cost Effectiveness

Target potential visitors based on their proven interests and spend patterns from previous visits and efficiently track their conversion rates.


Of marketers class their lead generation as only slightly effective.*


The cost of fake traffic affecting the advertising industry.*


Of SMEs are unable to track the ROI of social media spend effectively.*

80% of marketers class their lead generation as only slightly effective

Identifying potential visitors to visit your site or attend your venue has always been hard to do on traditional social media. Likes are not a dependable source when it comes to interest or intent. Most of the time it is more about the relationship and the social dynamic than it is about that individual’s interest. Showing in-app advertising that is based on previous searches or page visits is better, but still requires an initial action from the individual to get the process started. With Official Guestbook we do better than that. We promote your site or venue in-app to potential visitors based on the guestbooks they previously unlocked. Having that insight into their interest based on validated visits dramatically improves your odds at getting the right individual into your sales funnel.

$7.2bn – The cost of fake traffic to advertisers.

The cost of fake traffic has been consistently rising over the years; driven primarily by the actions of click farm operators whose business model continues to yield them excessive profits. The fact that it is extremely hard for automated filters to distinguish traffic generated by bots compared to genuine visitors, permits continued sustainability of this model. The behavior of the clickfraudster appears too much like that of a real visitor. When it comes to fake likes, traditional social media have been doing better in catching the bots, and closing the accounts from which they operate but there is still a long way to go before the tide finally turns.

60% of SMEs are unable to track ROI on social media spend

Tracking a marketing campaign return on investment requires a commitment to measurement. Official Guestbook provides you with just that. We measure who sees your in-app advertising, who visits your locked guestbook page, who taps on the info button or delves through your Q&A, and who eventually scans your guestbook plaque to unlock its content. We provide you all those key statistics so you can track your sales funnel and the potential visitor’s conversion rate.

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App users get the benefit of creating their own private guestbooks for free too.
The content from these private events is completely segregated yet interleaved with the meaningful content from public visits.


Available in selected regions.


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